Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The ABC's of me...

Sunday Pastor Shawn preached on 1 Samuel 30 but focused on this verse specifically;

“David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” ~1 Samuel 30:6 

It was in his sermon that he challenged us to ENCOURAGE ourselves in the Lord -

When the enemy puts doubt, fear, anxiety and anything else he can in your life to create a spiritual gnat.  What's a spiritual gnat?!  It's things that pop up in your life that distract and discourage you.  When you're overwhelmed, stressed, filled with frustration.  When things just don't seem to be going right.  When you feel worthless, with no value, ashamed, stagnant... When the enemy tries to convince you your sin is too much, unforgivable, and before you know it you've allowed these lies to convince you, you are not worthy of the forgiveness, grace, and unconditional love of our Savior.

Instead of giving into and accepting the lies we are to be ENCOURAGED in our LORD.  The Bible is full of TRUTHS and power to end the lies that sometimes feel so overwhelming.  Sunday morning, Pastor shared his "ABC's of me" and encouraged us to write our own and be encouraged by the truth of our Lord!

Here are mine...

A)  I am Advised by the great counselor, He is my Aid and Alliance.  He is Amused by me. He always gives me Answers.  I am Authentic, Accepted, Anointed, an Ascendant of Jesus Christ, and have Authority in His name!

B)  He Believes in me.  His compassion goes Beyond my understanding.  I am Born again, Bought by his Blood, and part of the Body of Christ.

C)  I am Carried, Claimed, and Comforted.  He desires to Communicate and Connect with me.  He has place me in a Community of believers.  He is in Control.  He does not Compare me to anyone.  He has Converted and Called me.

D)  I once was Dead but am now alive in Him.  He gives me the Desires of my heart, Dismisses my sins, Disciples me, and invites me to Dwell in His presence.  He Delights in me.

E)  I am reminded daily this Earth is not my home.  He Equips me and Establishes my feet.  Gives purpose for my Existence, allows me to Experience His perfect love.  Explains His word, purpose, and vision.  I am part of the Elect and am promised Eternal life.

F) I am His Faithful servant, Free in His presence.  He Fills me with Faith to trust His lead.  He is my Father and Friend.

G)  I am Guided by his Gentle hand.  He is beyond Generous to me and His Grace is sufficient.  He has filled the Gap.  He Guards my heart, mind, and spirit and Goes before me.  He is Gracious.

H)  His Hands are always on me.  I am an Heir of the King.  He has given me the authority to Heal, Help, Hope, and make things Happen for His glory.  I am filled me with His Holy Spirit.
  I am the Head not the tail.

I)  I am not alone.  He is Involved in the matters of my heart and life.  He makes my Impossible, possible.

J)  I am filled with Joy.  He removes my Junk and replaces it with treasure.  He is a Just father.

K)  I have answered the Knock at my heart.  He does not Keep a record of my wrongs.

  He is my Keeper and is all-Knowing.  He is Kind to me.

L)  I have abundant Life in Him.

  His Love for me is Limitless.  He Lavishes me with His presence.  I am able to Live Life to it's fullest because of Him.  I am a Light in the darkness.  He is the Lifter of my head.

M)  He is Molding my Mind to be prepared for a Movement.  I am Marked by his Mercy and a Model of Him.

N)  I am Noticed by Him and have been made a New Creation.  He is Near to me at all times.  His mercies are New each morning.

O)  He Overflows my cup.  I am far from Ordinary.  I am Overwhelmed in His presence.  He is Omnipresent.  His hands are always Open.

P)  I have freedom to enter into His Presence, He is the solver of my Problems.  I am a Prophet of His word and freely Participate in worshipping Him.

  He is Proud of me.  He makes all things Possible.  He is Pleased by me.  He has given me Power, I am not Powerless.  I am Purified and made Perfect in His Presence.

Q)  I am able to sit Quietly before Him.

  He is Quick to my rescue.  

R)  I have a personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.  I have been Ransomed, Reborn, and Redeemed.

  He invites me to Rest in Him.

S)  He Shares His love and forgiveness freely, He Speaks over me, gives me Spiritual healing, has Sanctified and Saved me.  He Sincerely is concerned about me.

T) I am invited to his Table, he invites me to Talk, share my Thoughts, and Touch me.  He has Torn the veil and I have free access to Him.

U)  He Understands the Unexplained and Unknowns of my heart.   I have Unlimited access to Him.

I am Unable to escape His love.  I am Useful, Understood, and Uplifted.  He sees my Unclean heart and still accepts me.

V)  I am a Visionary. He has given me a Voice. 

W)  He Warms my heart and Watches over me.  I am a Witness. I Walk in the spirit and am Washed in the blood.  I am free to Worship Him.

  In my Weakness He is my strength.  He Waits for me and is Worthy of my praise.  


  Your hand is always eXtended.  I eXalt Your holy name. 


  I Yield to His call.  I am Yours.  

Z)  I am zealous for Him. 

What are your ABC's?!

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